Apr 11, 2014

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Strata#1 (Excerpt)
Strata#2 (Excerpt)
Strata#3 (Excerpt)
Strata#4 (Excerpt)
Topologies (Excerpt)
Matter (Excerpt)


U.K.-based visual artist Quayola teams up with Hong Kong-based music label NLS records on a limited edition run of collectible vinyl records featuring musical scores from his Strata series. Music has always been a critical component in Quayola's audiovisual installations and digital film compositions, resulting in collaborations with world-renown electronic musicians like Mira Calix, Autobam, Plaid and Matthias Kispert. As a sort of artistic tribute to the role music plays in animating, activating and completing the visual works, this vinyl project sees the video works' audio scores--the most intangible element of these already ephemeral, digital works--transformed into a traditional, analog, archival format.

Inspired by the invisible geometries and topologies contained within iconic works of classical painting and architecture, the Strata films are a collision of old and new aesthetics. While sound and imagery were conceived to work in perfect harmony, the soundscapes are beautiful and evocative in their own right. Even so, they still carry traces of their visual counterparts.

"Like a landscape painter who is inspired by a specific image or place, these pieces of music carry the essence of the video works, as they were generated accordingly," notes Quayola.

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Oct 24, 2013

The Quayola-Strata* Vinyl Series


The producers from the Quayola's collection

Strata #1 Autobam
Strata #2 Mira Calix/Autobam
Strata #3 Plaid
Strata #4 Mattias Kispert(Sound Design)

The aspect of the collection of vinyl series are from the creation of the sounds from the visual installation of *Strata #1-#4 by artist Davide Quayola (ITA/LDN.)

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Dec 24, 2012

Introducing NLS

Thank you for checking this page out, this is a new page of development for a new label for Non-Linear Sound project. We want to keep this project a productive and profitable as possible ;-) and so everything you see on this site is revealing the project stage for Non Linear Sound or NLS Records.

NLS Records is a technological dependent entity, we do not yet make anything advance, in fact there is not much words to please, but keep your eyes out for the update of this site, you might find something you like about what NLS is doing with this credo dejour.

# History

Nonlinear Sound is a sister site to [Nonlineari.co film], a site created for the document on a.visualist. The story is about Vjing and the walks of life in the new visual milieu taken from different cities extended journey of one man.

Subsequently, the film was shown in May 2011 at the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland. FILE Festival in San Paulo, Brazil and Resonate Festival in Belgrade, Serbia.