Sep 10, 2014

True Fictions - True Movements (Video)

This track weaves a tangled web of conspiracy theories and divergent views taken from
interviews and public oratory at the 5th anniversary of 911. A complex set of arguments
unravel to further question the real truth of 911, cutting between two main points of view;
the protesters who believe it was really orchestrated by the government and want to reinvestigate
911, and those who accept the mainstream view that it was the work of Osama
Bin Laden and are bitterly opposed to the protesters intervention outside the memorial on
this day of national mourning. The conversation flits from person to person as the
exchange of opinions becomes increasingly passionate and emotional. Their heated
arguments reveal how even contemporary events are fought over and continue to be
manipulated for commercial and political motives on all sides of the political spectrum.
This spiders web of tangled opinions is musically scored with a building vibraphone
melody by musician Sean Mcall, the epic drums of Scotty Leham and a driving Oud solo by
Mavrothi Kontanis points a finger to the US response to these tragic events in the Middle
Eats. Extra cinematic drama is brought in by the lush string arrangements by British
composer and musician Mark McRae.

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True Fictions - New Adventures in Folklore (Videos)

The Record opens with a building vocal harmony from opera singer and long time Philip
Glass collaborator Marrie Mascari, and the box drum percussion of NYC percussionist
Isabel Pupo Walker. This mix of ethereal vocals and raw percussion starts us on our sonic
journey from the crowded streets of New York City, along the Hudson River towards the
little industrial town of Troy, the home of EMPAC and the home of Uncle Sam where the
project was originally based. As we travel we hear a vocal montage of different statements
taken from all of the different interviews recored for the project. This collection of voices
outlines the trajectory of this records investigation into truth, myth and the American way.

This track returns us to a Native American perspective on history and myth. It informs us
of the gradual erosion of their spoken languages as native communities have become
increasingly assimilated into mainstream American culture. Less and less young people
are using their traditional spoken languages which where mainly oral and not written. This
has left them on the edge of extinction and resulted in a crises of their cultural identity.
These Native voices explain their sense of marginalisation through their confinement to
their reservations. We hear of their current political struggles for land rites and the
problems created by the advent of the native owned Casinos. These have brought them
wealth and helped them to raise money to fight lawsuits to try and reclaim their land; but
they are also seen negatively as a 'selling off' of their culture and are counter to their
traditions and beliefs. This is a controversial subject that provokes many positive and
negative opinions that has a far reaching affect on their communities.
This collection of stories is married with a flowing vibraphone solo by NYC musician Sean
McCall who is a celebrated subway musician in Manhattan and also a collaborator with the
composer Philip Glass.

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Trailer - True Fictions + Press Release

True Fictions : New Adventures in Folklore is a limited edition audio documentation of a
seminal live cinema performance by the UK's leading audio visual artists The Light

This ground breaking project brought into being a truly original collection of sonic works
that stand in their own right as beautiful and beguiling works of art, seamlessly blending
documentary journalism, storytelling and music in new and unexpected ways.
The 12 original tracks weave together spoken word with a range of musical genres. Each
track reflects a collection of people's stories and opinions that are collaged together and
accompanied by an original musical score. These include interviews collected across the
state of New York which explore the post 911 psychological landscape through to
individual's notions of truth and myth.
This musical score was generated through a series of recording sessions with a group of
New York based musicians who responded to each other’s improvisations by way of a
sonic game of 'Exquisite Corpse'. The multi-track recordings were remixed back in the UK
by The Light Surgeons and formed into the eclectic mix of music that you can hear on this
limited vinyl release. The concept was to generate a kind of musical myth or rumour that
either reflected or challenged the different spoken narratives that the project unearthed.
During these recording sessions the musicians were also filmed, and brought together
across the screens in the performance forming a video band. Images from these video
rushes adorn the cover of this deluxe sleeve artwork along side stage plans and pictures
from the many live performances.

This live cinema performance was toured internationally as an immersive live audiovisual
spectacle: fusing documentary filmmaking, live and electronic music with animation and
motion graphics that together created an altogether new type of multi-media experience.
The project originally developed out of a year long digital performance arts commission by
EMPAC, The Experimental Media and Performing Arts Centre in Troy, New York, with
support from The Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media and Performing Arts.
True Fictions was EMPAC's very first international arts commission and since its premier
at in September 2007, it has been presented at many arts festivals internationally
including: The Great Hall in Manchester, the Teatro Degli Arcimboldi Milan, the Alameda
Theatre in Seville, the BFI IMAX Cinema in London, the Brighton Pavilion Theatre, The
Waterfront in Belfast, the Freeform Festival in Poland, the Microwave Festival in Hong-
Kong and at Itau Cultural in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
This is the first time the full musical and narrative aspects of this ground breaking arts
project as have been published.

True Fictions (New Adventures in Folklore) will release on vinyls via NLS Records at stores estimated 30th September, 2014

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