About NNLR

  • NLS Records

    Thank you for checking this page out, this is a new page of development for a new label for Non-Linear Sound project. We want to keep this project a productive and profitable as possible ;-) and so everything you see on this site is revealing the project stage for Non Linear Sound or NLS Records.

    NLS Records is NOT a technological dependent entity, we do not yet make anything advance, in fact there is not much pixels to please, but keep your eyes out for the update of this site, you might find something you like about what NLS is doing with this credo dejour.

    # History

    Nonlinear Sound is a sister site to [Nonlineari.co film], a site created for the document on a.visualist. The story is about Vjing and the JOURNEY into the new visual milieu taken from different cities extended A. Visualist

    Subsequently, the film was shown in May 2011 at the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland. FILE Festival in San Paulo, Brazil and Resonate Festival in Belgrade, Serbia.