Future of NLS Records

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A general statement to occure on the concern in all things being... that the idea is not really all but coded... And yes, as we know we all do things really well in the real world and apart from focusing on making real money...creativity is also meaning, taking a real good problem and solving it. 

Although quite often as I trying to remind myself to stay simple and focus...it is harder to do that then actually inventing the wheel...then I have make myself clear when I left college that you cannot reinvent the wheel mate...and typically when I come back to Asian as a response to taking the initiative to completed my Master in MFA and teaching creativity in IVE (Institute of Vocational Education) and creating exhibition for other artists making documentaries and doing performance and publishing albums for Visual Music.. 

Overall the one thing is not knowing that the industries we create or will create requires support from people, knowingly and not knowing that the focus is about to have that kind of focus from communication and with ppl.... Yes internet is great and research is on it way...sending out design...publishing and entering a new phase, as we were born in the 20th century, we have seen how different when days of when we have music on records or on tapes and then CD and now Bit torrents and itunes...i.e. we have not thought much about the transitions...yes there were as much transformation as we know just how different it was when we first bought out our laptop computers or thinking that bringing a laptop to design a store for your first client...>?? 

Although quite naturally everything we have digitally is not about how it was or whether is it how convenienced that you are able to access your information or meeting potential client...., but why is this important as to where a story  becomes more rewarding...what is in all of us that there are something prototypical about ideas of consistancy in a few various step.

The structure of understand responsive focus is far too diverse than the intensive process of the immediate recognition of the creativity, by the order of know those non-linear strings or calculations are far too predictable that we might not be able to contain the speed of random function in an evolution and in theoretian in between forms of architecture and N:LS.





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